Mission and Aims

Mission of Antique Dealers Association

To proselytise wide professional and laic public for co-operation on fine art objects saving, collection of funds for their purchase, saving, presentation, rebirth of national heritage. To extend people's attitude to fine artefacts, and to join activities and the stream of people aiming to enhance national culture level and people's sophistication. To promote private and public collection.

Aims of Antique Dealers Association

  • To eliminate worthless obstacles in sales, export and import of antiques.
  • To grant professional development by education in Rudolfinum Academy in antiquary branch.
  • To represent sensibly antique dealers (towards trade authorities, government institutions, in legislation etc.).
  • Protection of customers from dishonesty and non-gravity of middlemen.
  • To confirm professionalism and solidity in businesses in antique field by granting the right for use of Association mark and mark of C.I.N.O.A.
  • To support activities of Special Commission for Identification of Purloined Fine Art Objects.
  • To create conditions for high quality activities of connoisseurs institution Gem Service of Antique Dealers Association of CR. - To grant high quality restoring services.
  • To co-operate with institutions having activities in antiques and fine arts collection (museums, galleries, culture organisations, foundations, commercial entities etc.) interested in saving and protection of culture treasures.
  • To initiate activities with culture institutions of fine arts presentations (exhibitions, concerts, auctions, trade-fairs), public meetings with personalities of culture, politic and fine art life.