Antique Fair

Antique Fair is organized by Antique Dealers Association of the Czech Republic.

43rd Antique Fair – Spring 2019

  • Date: 11.–14. 4. 2019
  • Venue: Exhibition hall Novoměstská radnice
  • Opening hours:
    11.–13. 4. 2019 10.00–19.00
    14. 4. 2019 10.00–17.00

Art and kitsch

What is art and what is kitsch? Are they strictly divided or is the borderline between them blurry and dependent on personal taste or the fashion of certain period? Those questions will be addressed by the upcoming spring edition of Antique antiquity fair held in the premises of Prague´s New Town City Hall (Novoměstská radnice) from April 11th till April 14th.

The term “kitsch” has negative meaning; it is the opposite of good, high-quality art which it just pretends to be. It is often heard that the decision of what is kitsch is based only on individual taste of the beholder. However those who use the term usually agree on typical features of kitsch therefore it seems unlikely that kitsch be just a subjective category.

“It is interesting to view this phenomenon from the perspective of an antiquarian or art-historian. You realize that preferences of people in different social circles and historic eras were quite diverse. Certain objects were perceived differently and what was once the utmost fashionable thing might be doomed by later times as kitsch,” says Simona Šustková, vice-president of the Czech Antique Dealers Association.

Veletrh Antique, podzim 2018