Antique Fair

Antique Fair is organized by Antique Dealers Association of the Czech Republic.

46th Antique Fair – Spring 2022

  • Date: 21.–24. 4. 2022
  • Venue: Exhibition hall Novoměstská radnice
  • Opening hours:
    21.–23. 4. 2022 10.00–19.00
    24. 4. 2022 10.00–17.00

Spring Antique Fair will present "Czech Treasures"

Czech modernism, Czech glass, Czech garnet and Czech jewellery of the Art Deco era – these are the real treasures of Czech art, which will be comprehensively presented at the spring Antique Fair taking place from 21 to 24 April 2022 at the New Town Hall in Prague.

Following the motto "Czech Treasures", Antique will focus on those periods and disciplines in which Czech art has achieved exceptional success and world-wide fame. This includes Czech glass, which has experienced several historical peaks, but which has consistently been among the world's best. As well as Czech modernism in visual art, represented by names such as František Kupka, Alfons Mucha, Josef Mánes, Toyen, Jindřich Štyrský, Emil Filla, Josef Čapek, Václav Špála. These are artists whose works still attract the well-deserved attention of art historians and collectors at international auctions. Czech jewellery will also be richly represented, especially jewellery in the Art Deco style, which dazzled the world public at the famous Paris Exposition des Arts et Industries in 1925. Another Czech "treasure" will be represented by the almost complete collection of jewellery made of Czech garnet, which represented the Czech Republic at the World Expo in Dubai last year. For Czech citizens and visitors of Prague this will be a unique opportunity to see this collection of garnet jewellery from the Biedermeier period or in the style of the so-called "second baroque".

Antique Fair, Spring 2021